Wednesday 20 September 2017

ESA has been and still intervenes to spot removals which vendor company METRO "C" in the elimination of graffiti rolling stock thanks to patented high-efficiency of a product that solves the operations degraffitaggio in extremely short times (about 300 square meters. Day 4 operators).

We carried out a major drawing removal test at the OSTERIA DEL CURATO deposit extremely successful, building about a machine capable of recovering the product used, put it back in the loop for further removal (recycling), and break down all C.O.V. (Volatile organic compound) making for which the air sucked perfectly clean and highly below the legal limits imposed at the exit of purifying part.

More highly positive tests were carried out at the Railways North Milan, Milan ATM, South East Railways of Bari.

Another company specialization is the full restoration of steels and aluminums highly oxidized or vandalized, bringing the property to 90% of the original splendor.

Further specialization is the recovery of the works in travertine, marble, and wood curtain with hydro blasting low-pressure jet by means of calcium carbonate and protection thereof with anti graffiti invisible impregnating durable.

Finally, we are waiting for a European patent for one of our unique invention useful product to instant recovery of etched glass.


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